Steps to Use the App

 This App Allows you to set and schedule Automatic Replies (Out-of-Office) for Office 365 email accounts.
The steps to schedule are:

  1. Add one or more Office 365 email accounts to the App along with any account specific texts,
  2. Add one or more Automatic Reply (Out of Office) schedules to the App, 
  3. The App will set the current Automatic Replies (Out of Office) schedule right away for each Office 365 email account along with the Email Signature (that is set on the Office 365 email account), and,
  4. When the time to set the next Automatic Replies (Out of Office) schedule comes, you will receive a Local Notification on your Mobile Device, and, upon clicking on it, the schedule will be set.

Privacy Policy

  • The Office 365 email accounts and passwords the user enters in the app are saved on the user's device only,
  • The app uses the user's Office 365 email account(s) and corresponding password(s) to set the Automatic Replies (Out of Office) message(s) on Office 365,
  • When the user deletes an Office 365 email account from the app, the email account and the corresponding password are also deleted.