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This app allows you to set and schedule Out-of-Office (Vacation Reply) messages for Gmail accounts in 2 (two) easy steps. 

The steps are:

  1. Add one or more Gmail accounts to the App,
  2. Add one or more Out-of-Office schedules to the App,
  3. The App will set the current Out-of-Office schedule right away on each Gmail account, and,
  4. When the time to set the next Out-of-Office message comes, you will receive a Local Notification on your Mobile Device, and, upon clicking on it, the Out-of-Office message will be set.

Steps in a Video:

iOS App

Android App

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The App: "Out-of-Office Scheduler for Gmail - Pro" makes it easy to set & schedule Out-of-Office/Vacation messages for Gmail accounts.

In order to facilitate the above, the App:

1) Accesses 2 (two) Google OAuth Scopes, and, 

2) Uses and stores Google OAuth Tokens & Gmail user IDs on your mobile device.

Note: Your stored data are never shared, and, never leaves your mobile device.


A) Google OAuth Tokens
As you authenticate your Gmail accounts in the App, upon successful authentication the Google OAuth Tokens are saved on your device. The OAuth Tokens are used to access your Gmail data as described in the “Google OAuth Scopes” section below.

B) Google OAuth Scopes
The App uses 2 (two) Google OAuth scopes. These are needed by the App for the following reasons:

a. https://www.googleapis.com/auth/userinfo.email: This scope is needed in order to read the user's Gmail user Id. Since, the App allows the user to operate with one or more Gmail accounts, the App need to identify each individual Gmail account, and, the Gmail user Id is used for this purpose. As you authenticate each Gmail account with this App, you will see the corresponding Gmail user Id listed in the "Accounts" tab.

b. https://www.googleapis.com/auth/gmail.settings.basic : This scope is needed for 2 (two) reasons:

i. To read the current "Out-of-Office/Vacation" message set on each Gmail account authenticated in the App, and,

ii. To set "Out-of-Office/Vacation" message on each Gmail account authenticated in the App.


a. You can “Remove Access” granted to the “Scopes” by going to each of your Gmail Accounts "Third-party apps with account access” setting at: https://myaccount.google.com/permissions

b. Details of the Google OAuth Scopes are available at: https://developers.google.com/gmail/api/auth/scopes 

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